Stand Down 2014

Just Call Us Volunteers was again honored to be able to serve the last meal at Stand Down. This is our 3rd year serving homeless veterans at Stand Down. Our fish taco lunch is must anticipated by our guests and the event staff. We serve fish tacos grilled on site this year by Tommy Gomes and Mitch Conniff, spanish rice, chorizo and cheesy refried beans and a delicious Mexican Caesar salad finishing the meal with a variety of Cupcakes. We are able to serve such a fresh healthy lunch because of our partners Catalina Offshore, Specialty Produce and Cupcakes Squared and thanx to our behind the scenes Chef friends Daniel Barron, Marguerite Grifka and Chuck Samuelson. 

We were even asked this year to take leftovers from a previous meal and rework it into something delicious. We slow braised the beef and made bar-b-que beef for a great summer dinner. VVSD residents loved it.

Volunteers Feed the Homeless in San Diego, California